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You are what your gut bacteria eat

Recent studies find that the state of the inhabitants of our gut may affect our immune system, our weight status, our susceptibility to disease, our energy levels, our mental state and our mood.  
But how does one get the kind of microbial society that’s most conducive to wellness?

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The Mediterranean diet: Healthy eating with an eco-friendly bonus

The better the adherence to the Mediterranean diet, the lower the environmental cost – natural resources use and emissions go down with Mediterranean adherence. Meat – especially beef meat – eggs and dairy consumption have the highest detrimental impact on the environment. 


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Make 2018 the year of real food

If you’re looking for an easy to follow, realistic,  positive, healthy living goal for 2018, try eating real. I’m not suggesting you make all your food from scratch. It would also be highly impractical to mill your own wheat, or press your own oil. Just try to avoid the highly processed stuff.

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The best diet for shedding belly fat

When it comes to storing fat it isn’t just how much we eat, but also what we eat. Some foods – and no, it isn’t just beer that causes a big belly – lead to fat storage in the worst-for-health places – in the liver and around internal organs.

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We’re finally eating more veggies, even at school

I was heartened to hear that one of the big trends for 2016 is vegetables. Vegetables have moved from the side to the center of the plate and vegetable-centric dishes are becoming the hot item in many menus. But the more plant-centric movement isn’t limited to restaurants. 

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"Whole grain" on food labels may not mean what you think it does

Whole grains are gaining ground, and ‘whole grain’ is one of the hottest selling health claims. The USDA’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend that at least half of daily grains be whole, and school lunch programs are required to serve half of the grains offered during the school week as whole ones.

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